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Weekend: 10AM - 5PM


Rooftop installation

Ground installation



MVP Bundle


1. Aerogenerator coupled with Permanent Magnets Generator

1.1 PVG Class IV 1.5 kWp


1.2 PVG Class IV 3.8 kWp


1.3 PVG Special Aerodynamic Brake


2. Data Management

2.1 Web App


2.2 IoT Gateway


3. Installation kit

3.1 Direct to Ground & Reversible


3.2 Indirect to flat Reinforced Concrete Rooftop


3.3 Custom Design (TC Tower, Chimney…)


4. Power Converter

4.1 Boost: Power to Grid Single phase



4.1 Boost: Power to Grid Three-phase



4.3 Buck: Power to Battery


5. Safety & Protection

5.1 Standard Shutdown System


5.2 Pro Offgrid & Lockdown


Multiple turbines: a cheatcode for increased energy production

Using multiple Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and designing the mutual positioning of modules by taking inspiration from the hydro-dynamics efficiency obtained by fish schooling:

  • X10 power density per square meter of the wind farm on the ground.
  • +20% power increase

(Data from FLOWE Laboratory at Caltech Institute of Technology and Vrjie Universiteit Brussels)