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Our Mission

Clean energy for all

At Windcity, our mission is to revolutionize the way electricity is produced and distributed, harnessing the power of wind in the Urban Boundary Layer through our innovative PVG technology. We believe in a future where sustainable, clean energy is accessible to all, at the rigth price, and our deep-rooted commitment to passive deep tech is the key to achieving this.

At the heart of our technology are passive mechanisms, which are effortlessly activated by the natural physical reactions around them, with no extra energy costs or the need for additional energy sources. This breakthrough paves the way for micro-grid and off-grid solutions, bringing us one step closer to a truly sustainable future. 

Our Vision

Distributed wind energy production

At Windcity, we envision a world where distributed wind energy is the cornerstone of a sustainable and interconnected energy ecosystem. Our transformative growth strategy is set to revolutionize the industry: we can seamlessly integrate our wind turbines into existing infrastructures, maximizing energy production and minimizing costs.
The synergy between our products and solar panels enables us to create a truly holistic and sustainable energy solution, driving the transition towards a cleaner, greener future.

Some insights

Patents (more to come)
POCs in 4 EU countries
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Funds Raised
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kg CO2 saved per module*

* assessment from the Solar Impulse Foundation

Our Story


Birth of Windcity


Our turbines can be connected directly to solar inverters!


Simulate any​ feature, optimize by scientific approach​


Installations at key custommers in 3 EU Countries


First series of Rotor Prototype​


Third series of prototype strategic installation​


We built our own wind tunnel! - Test any feature,​ commissioning by experimental ​ approach​


Proof of Concept agreements with airports and energy providers